• Law's Restaurant History and Future

    Law's is the "Number One" destination for food, fun and entertainment in Riverside. Here is a brief history on how Law's Restaurant came to be and where it's going

  • Where it all began

    In the late 1980's, a bright entrepreneur, Lance A. Wagner, lent his initials (L.A.W.) to a little bar he had created on Magnolia Ave. near Van Buren Blvd. (Across from Olivia's) Everyone loved the place and it was apparent that a larger facility would be needed. So, in 1991, Lance built a freestanding brick restaurant/bar at 9640 Indiana Ave., not far from the original location. After a few years, a law was passed prohibiting smoking inside a restaurant. Lance closed the place, gutted it from top to bottom, rebuilt it with tons of beautiful oak woodwork, built two patios so that guests could still smoke without it bothering diners and reopened in 1998.

    Since that time, LAW'S has had a few new owners, each one adding their own touch and flair to the place. The current owner, Michael Huddleston took over the helm in November 2010. The menu was enhanced, the entertainment emphasized, high def TV's installed and a website at created just to name a few of the noticeable changes. Michael has plans to someday add a state-of-the-art facility to the existing building that would seat up to 500 guests for name-act shows, SUNDAY brunch, banquets and parties. So many restaurants today have that cold but colorful scripted and impersonal feel. LAW'S has a unique charm that you feel the minute you walk through the door. That's why so many people claim it as "their place." Whatever we build onto LAW'S will have to enhance and embrace that charm, not change it!